James M. Cahill

Mayor of New Brunswick for 33 years 140 days

Hello citizen! I’m James M. Cahill, but you can call me Jim. I’ve been mayor of our fair city for a while, 12193 days (oh yeah)! My family has been involved in politics in 08901 for even longer: I took over the job from my cousin, a convicted felon, in 1991. Family comes first.

I Choose to be a Part Time Mayor for a Reason

I’m proud of being an old fashioned, establishment politician. My real work takes place behind the scenes in back rooms, so I gave up regularly attending City Council meetings years ago…I don’t even watch them on Vimeo. BORING!

And just so you know – the pay raises the council approved for themselves recently are well deserved.

I work really well with them…and DEVCO.

Election Day is Coming!








Voting is overrated, choice is an illusion!

I will not rest until every storefront in New Brunswick is either a Starbucks or abandoned! Residents will either live in luxury apartments subsidized by the city government or slums owned by unaccountable landlords.

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink

A decade ago my water director killed himself after learning federal prosecutors had subpoenaed his records, but lately we’ve just been accused of “fudging” water quality tests. Progress! Oh, and New Brunswick school children have lead in their water, oops.

You’d think after 31 years on the job I’d be able to get the water thing right, right?

No, but I have appointed myself Acting Water Director after the guy I chose for the job used “derogatory language” – it’s a hard job, this isn’t SimCity folks!

A Fish Rots from the Head Down

I’ve been mayor for nearly thirty years and only 14 of my employees (only some of them were my poker buddies) have been convicted of public corruption.

I’m not great at math, but I can tell you how much cash is in an envelope just by squeezing it between my thumb and index finger. My cousin taught me that.


Character Counts

I testified as a character witness on behalf of Marco Chinchilla the crooked cop who ran a brothel in New Brunswick for years. A bunch of Officer Chinchilla’s pals and I even remarked on his “excellent” character, but hey, it’s not like I ever attended the brothel or knew they abused the women who worked there!

Learn More about New Brunswick’s Brothels


Student Housing

Students need a place to live when they “visit” New Brunswick to attend Rutgers. I know that, you know that, their parents know that. I did the right thing when I was caught illegally raising rents on my student tenants and repaid the students $33,000 as required by law.

Lucky for me most of them don’t bother to vote in New Brunswick anyway.

Look how I inspire local artists! I’m Your Cahill!!

Development at ANY Cost

My administration has proudly doled out tax abatements to anyone who’s smart enough to hire connected lawyers who know how to tiptoe around conflict of interest rules to guarantee the best results for their clients…all while city schools crumble.

Luxury apartment buyers won’t send their kids to New Brunswick public schools so why should they be taxed to support them?

On Whose Authority?

My administration’s figured out a great way to let our developer friends make a killing while at the same time making sure there’s no risk to their bottom lines: get the Parking Authority to take out $390 million in debt to fund huge projects and have the tax payers, and meter feeders, pay it back.

Who remembers the Fresh Grocer anyway?

Learn about the Cahill Administration

Read some REAL news about my administration...birds of a feather...
Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Mayor's Aide

FBI elections probe focuses on New Brunswick, but could expand to more towns, agent says

“Controversy erupted during the primary when Gideon Weisberg, one of Bombelyn’s campaign workers, filed charges against Kevin Jones, an aide to Cahill, accusing him of assault and of violating state election laws.”

Michael Mahony

Michael Mahony

Chief Housing Inspector

Former New Brunswick chief housing inspector avoids jail time for dealing cocaine

“He was driving a city-owned vehicle almost a year ago when he was pulled over and searched near his home. Police found cocaine in his car, authorities said at the time.”

T.K. Shamy

T.K. Shamy

City Attorney

Court backs community group on ballot access in New Brunswick

“T.K. Shamy, campaign manager for the incumbents who sought to have 20 of the 50 candidates from Democrats for Change disqualified, said he didn’t know if he would file an appeal of Hurley’s decision.”

Robert Rawls

Robert Rawls

Fire Director

Fire director who hit school children 3 years ago gets into 20th accident

“A fire official who was barred from driving city vehicles after hitting three kids walking home from school three years ago has recorded his 20th accident, the city confirmed Friday.”

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